The world is currently dealing with something so huge that all words put together will fail to describe the situation and its impact. It’s like we slept in one World and got up in another. Yes, here we are talking about the most contentious topic, Covid-19. All this is a result of what we as human have done wrong. It is difficult to account for the mistakes that we have done.  Everyone is juggling to balance their personal and professional life. With no house help and extra work pressure, it is utmost important to keep yourself mentally calm.

All this make one believe that there is pall of gloom in every nook and corner of the Earth, right? But the answer is no… let me draw your attention towards this, amid the lockdown all around the world the Earth is smiling in solitude and has gone in a self cleansing regime. The rivers are clean, the oceans are happy. The wild life is freely walking around. Everything has pros and cons and CoViD19 pandemic is no different although this time mother nature has delivered the bad part to us and has kept good for herself.  Along the positive side this pandemic has given us and the nature, the opportunity to reboot our systems.

So, in this whole new picture where we as human stand? We are forced by this pandemic to change our lifestyle, everyday is a new struggle. The world is changing so are we. Time has come to prioritize life and every aspect of it. We need to identify what is urgent and what is not, what can wait and what cannot. There are things we want to discard and few things we want to introduce. This is the way forward to avoid panic and confusions.

One of the new ways of normal is Work From Home. Many companies are providing facility of WFH or working with 50% of the strength. Need of the hour is to keep yourself updated with current market trends and learn new skills. In-short its high time to expand your network as well as your skills. It’s a great time  to switch your career, to try something new. It is not guaranteed that the switch would be successful, anyways it never is.

Let us follow social distancing in physical world but stay extra connected in virtual world. We can keep praying for the world to return to normal which is slightly unlikely or try and adjust to the new normal as soon as possible because at the end survival of the fittest is what will matter.